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Product List->Truck and Bus tyre->Radial
Mixed highway and freeway, improved road application, long distance and national transport for truck and bus, all position, tubeless type.
Special tread compound for low heating-up, better abrasion and cut resistance, low rolling resistance.
Rib line together with horizontal line offer best guiding and speed performance.
SIZE PLY Tread depth
Load Index Speed Rate Std. Rim Pressure (kpa) Max Load (kg) Inflated Dimensions (mm)
Single Dual Single/Dual
13R22.5 16 14.50 154/150 L 9.75 875 875 3750/3350 320 1124
13R22.5 18 14.50 156/150 K 9.75 875 875 4000/3350 320 1124
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